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Medals - WWI

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1914-1915 Star

1914-15 Star

Awarded to those serving in the great War from August 1914 to 31 December 1915. Approximately 85,000 Australians received this award.



British War Medal - 1914-1920British War Medal

1914-1918 [-1920]

The BWM was awarded to approximately 338,000 Australians to commemorate the end to the Great War. Originally covering the period 1914-1918, this was latter extended to include operational service up to and including 1920. The ribbon is striped blue, black, white and orange with nil bars issued.


Mercantile Marine War MedalMercantile Marine War Medal

The MMWM was awarded to approximately 12,000 Australian Merchant Seaman who served a total of six months or plus on one or more voyages during WWI. The ribbon is green, white and red which is said to symbolize port and starboard lights. Nil bars were issued.




Allied Victory Medal 1914-1919Allied Victory Medal


The VM was awarded to approximately 225 000 Australians who served in WWI with the AIF [Australian Imperial Force].

If an individual was mentioned in dispatch[s] a single oak leaf featured on the rainbow like ribbon.